Which Are The Beautiful Southwest States: An Overview
Sep 10, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

The unique geographic features, incredible scenery, and stunning hiking trails, all the Southwest States are a jackpot for all adventurous souls. So, if you are considering exploring the most spectacular region of the USA, which everyone needs to visit at least once, this article is a guide for your next trip.

Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas are the most beautiful Southwest states. So, Southwest states will be the best travel destination this year with its magical sights.

Suppose you are planning your trip to Southwest states for the first time and wondering to know a little about these states before landing there; this article will give you an overview of all the eight states of Southwest.

So, let's get into the details without delay and learn about this region's most iconic natural sights!

Most Beautiful Southwest States: An Overview

Deserts occupy the majority of the Southwest, and with its interesting history, vibrant culture, and remarkable geographical landscape, Southwestern states are a delight to explore. If you don't know how many states are in the Southwest region, let us inform you that there are eight states in this Southwest. Let's learn about each of these in detail here:


Arizona is one of the major states of the Southwest, which always remains at the top of the list. Regardless of its hot weather, Arizona is immensely popular among visitors because of its gorgeous landscape. In this state, you can explore the oldest records of humans who used to live in the caves. So, if you are a historical soul, visiting this incredible land is the best decision of your life.

Back in 1851, the Americans started visiting Arizona. They found it to be the best route to get into California. After a long time, in 1951, copper was discovered in this state, adding a lot to its fame.

Arizona was declared the state in 1912, and after that, hundreds of visitors came to explore this land of wonderful landscape. Here, you will find so fun activities to do. A lot is still unknown about this beautiful land.


You can also call it the mountain state as half of the land is filled with Rocky Mountains. Besides that, you will find great and high plains there. You can visit the volcanic plateau of San Juan, which has much ice.

Colorado became the 38th state of the USA in 1876, and at that time, it was full of prospectors who used to search for silver and gold. Its natural beauty is not only the reason for its attraction, but the cities of this state are equally beautiful. There are so many fun things to do in Colorado; for instance, skiing, snowboarding, or white-water rafting.


Though it is one of the largest states of the USA but is sparsely settled, the maximum area of Nevada is covered by desert. Carson City is the capital of this state, and it was included as the 36th state in the United States of America. Major population of this state lives in urban areas, while the remaining are the inhabitants of Los Vegas.

There are so many beautiful places in this state to visit and explore. For instance, there is Lake Tahoe, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. Besides that, you can visit many historical parks, museums, and gardens.

New Mexico

New Mexico has been placed so beautifully in the middle of the country. The area now known as New Mexico was once claimed by Spain. Therefore, you can see a significant influence on the Spanish people. Due to its flat land, the state has been urbanized within a few years. Almost half of the population lives in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

The two most important places to visit in the state include the gypsum sand and rock caverns. Besides that, you must explore Smokey Bear Historical Park and other monuments.


It is undoubtedly the most beautiful state of the USA. There are so many national parks to explore. The state has outstanding natural sights and remarkable landscapes you will love exploring. The fascinating ecosystems of this region also offer you a variety of unique life to observe and be amazed by.

The state offers a stunning array of breathtaking scenery for the travelers. Whether you love sprawling forests, towering mountains, or incredible rock formations, the city has all for you. Salt Lake City has a very popular restaurant and is also popular for its cocktail bars, beer, and whiskey.


It is the 31st state which was added to the USA. Calling it one of the most populous states will not be wrong. Most of its population lives in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco. The eastern part of this state consists of desert.

You must also visit the Trans-Sierra desert, 7400 feet above sea level. The mountains and valleys present in California are worth visiting. You can visit countless places, including but not limited to Hollywood, amusement parks, and Santa Monica.


It is the 20th largest state of the USA. The state has endless plains that you will love to explore. First, you should visit the Great Salt Plains State Park at the shore of a salty lake. The park is the home to a remarkable landscape.

Lawton is the fifth largest city and another beautiful place to visit in the state. It has endless plains and beautiful museums. Oklahoma City is located at the center of this state and is known as Oklahoma's cultural and economic heart.


The state has many breathtaking countryside, historical attractions, city parks, museums, and more. Dallas is one of the best places to visit in the state. Here you can find the parks, museums, and historical sites. Also, while exploring the city, you will feel that the top-notch restaurants have occupied you.

The other place tourists love exploring in Taxes is San Antonio, a heaven for the history lover. Besides that, you must also explore South Padre Island and Port Aransas and have great fun there with your loved ones.


Southwest states will be an ideal travel destination if you love gorgeous landscapes and warm, hot weather. Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas are the most beautiful southwest states that will make your trip unforgettable. The land is worth visiting, and you will find plenty of space for various adventurous and fun activities there.