Which are the Best Places to Visit in Oregon In 2023
Sep 10, 2023 By Sean William

Oregon is popular for its stunning autumn beauty, diverse landscape, beautiful coastline, gorgeous waterfalls, beaches, remarkable deserts, forests, mountains, and farms. And this list will go on and on. If you have become excited, plan a trip to Oregon.

So, whether you have already planned or are considering a visit to Oregon, this article will be your Oregon travel guide and tell you about the best places to visit in Oregon.

Crater Lake National Park, Cannon Beach, Mount Hood, Willamette Valley, Silver Falls State Park, Bend, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Astoria, Yachats, and Alvord Desert are the natural wonders of Oregon you must explore during your trip to Oregon!

Though Oregon is one of the underrated tourist destinations, there are so many worth visiting places in the state. So, if you also want to explore the untouched natural beauty of Oregon, browse through this article and learn about the best places in Oregon to visit!

Which Are The Best Places To Visit In Oregon In 2023

Now, if you are wondering why people visit Oregon, it is its diverse landscape, beautiful coastline, and scenic views. Moreover, countless restaurants are serving the most delicious food. So, why not visit this impressive land?

Now, if you need to know the best places to visit in Oregon, we have enlisted them below already. So, sit back, sip your coffee, and visit some of the most beautiful places.

Crater Lake National Park

Saying that for most travelers, this park is one of the major reasons to visit Oregon would not be wrong. Its landscape is remarkable and matchless. If you want to explore this lake, you must go along the Rim Drive, and this way can visit the entire lake easily.

Your journey will start at Rim Village, home to this lake. But remember that you can follow this route only in warm weather (July to October). If you are traveling in winter, you will choose the unplowed road.

Cannon Beach

It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Oregon. The beach has a four-mile-long shoreline with dunes and tide pools. When you have filled your soul with this mesmerizing and breathtaking view, you can head toward Oswald West State Park.

You can enjoy various adventurous activities at this park, including hiking and fishing. Also, if you prefer you can stay in town for a while and visit the art galleries there.

Mount Hood

It is one of the most beautiful and incredible places to enjoy various outdoor and adventurous activities. You will find mountains taller than 11,000 feet here, making them the tallest in Oregon. It is the second-most climbed peak in the world.

The snow-covered peaks are home to six ski areas where you can enjoy the longest ski season. Also, you can go for night skiing and take a scenic drive or hike through the beautiful mountains during the year's warm months.

Willamette Valley

The valley adds a lot to the natural beauty of Oregon. You will find more than 700 wineries here, and saying that this place is house to two-thirds of wineries in Oregon would not be wrong.

Most tourists visit this place for food and wine, as wine and dining are the specialty of this place. Above all, you can visit any of the hot springs in the valley and relax there.

Silver Falls State Park

Call it the most beautiful, unique, and the largest park in Oregon. The park has amazing scenic natural attractions and marvelous waterfalls. The hiking path loops around the entire park, and while moving on this path, you go up, down, and around its ten waterfalls. The South Fall waterfall, which is 177 feet taller, is also one of them. If this is not enough, the park also has backcountry trails for mountain hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The stunning river gorge creates a boundary between Washington and Oregon. You can take a drive of 30 minutes from Portland and reach there. The area is well-known for its scenic natural beauty and spectacular and remarkable waterfalls. When you are traveling through the Historic Columbia River Highway, you can get a chance to explore various roadside attractions. Therefore, most people prefer to explore this region via bicycle.


Take a drive of three hours from Portland in the southeast and reach this place. It is an ideal location for the adventure lover; you must visit the town on weekends and explore it better. Here, you can enjoy the kayak ride through the river, go hiking, or choose snowboarding per your mood.

Besides all these activities, the place is famous for its cute boutiques, breweries, and delicious restaurants. Here, you will see so many fancy mountain lodges and hot pools, and the list goes on and on.


It is another tourist attraction found in Oregon. Astoria is located on the Columbia River. In 1805, two explorers reached there and set their camp at the mouth of the river, where Astoria is now.

For now, people visit the various sites related to the expedition. Most importantly, don't forget to climb the Astor Column and enjoy some of the greatest views in Astoria.


It is a small town you will find at the base of Cape Perpetua. The little village is well known for its untouched natural beauty. Therefore, all the nature lovers come every year and explore the unspoiled town. Many small beaches and rocky tidal pools can be found outside the city. Also, here you can get a chance to see the gray whales swimming.

Alvord Desert

In southeastern Oregon, you can find a massive dry lakebed. This dessert is ideal whether you want to enjoy camping in the giant playa or experience land speed records. Also, you can find the privately owned hot springs, campgrounds, and general stores there.


Oregon has lush mountains, beautiful coastline, mesmerizing waterfalls, and deserts. If you are one of those lucky travelers going to Oregon this year, you must visit Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, Cannon Beach, Willamette Valley, and Bend.

Besides that, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Silver Falls State Park, Astoria, Yachats, and Alvord Desert are some of the best places to visit in Oregon, spreading all around the state and leading you toward the most memorable trips.