Best Places to Visit in Louisiana: Top Tourist Attractions
Sep 10, 2023 By Sean William

Louisiana is one of the incredible tourist attractions in the Southern United States. From swamps to charming villages to historical buildings, the state has everything you would love to explore and be amazed by.

So, with so many places to visit, which you can only imagine, selecting the best places to visit in Louisiana becomes challenging. But worry not. We will guide you about the great places in Louisiana that would be worth visiting in 2023!

New Orleans, Louisiana Wetlands, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Lafayette, Oak Alley Plantation, Baton Rouge, Avery Island, New Orleans' French Quarter, and Melrose Plantation are Louisiana's best places to visit.

Whenever the name Louisiana comes to mind, a feeling of sultry summer nights is evoked. If you are excited to explore this beautiful land with friends and family like a local, find every detail about your travel destination here.

Which Are The Best Places To Visit In Louisiana?

Below, we have enlisted the best places to visit in Louisiana for families. So, let's delve into the details and find more about these worth-visiting spots here.

New Orleans

The city is well known for its music, food, and remarkable architecture. Therefore, it has become a popular destination for travelers. Most of the travelers come here either for their bachelorette or honeymoon parties.

All of the party lovers are the big fans of Mardi Gras. But, in contrast to them, all the history enthusiasts love to visit the all-time famous National WWII Museum. French Quarter is an incredibly beautiful building you will love to visit there.

Louisiana Wetlands

The major part of Louisiana is comprised of wetlands. After flooding, these areas remain uninhabited. But, for now, they are the home of so many wild animals. If you want to see a different side of Louisiana, we suggest you visit these swap lands across the region.

Though different types of vessels are used for traveling, you can also go for airboats. The boats easily move you through the swampy areas, and you can observe these wonderful places closely. The big plus is that the airboat can navigate and fast. The kayak might be quiet compared to an airboat, but be ready for alligators, owls, and snakes if you want to travel so quietly.


Lafayette is a very beautiful city. You can explore the riverside. The city has a youthful spirit and is the fourth-largest city in Louisiana. Everyone who loves to learn about the culture and customs of Cajun always visits this city. The incredible museums and lively entertaining spots will always be ready to entertain you. So, whenever you travel to Louisiana, remember to look over this culturally vibrant city.

Oak Alley Plantation

It is a unique, spectacular, and historical plantation in the state. The plantation is well-popular for its incredible row of trees. Both the landscape and architecture of this plantation make it the landmark of the state.

Here, you can find about three hundred years old trees. But the real question is, who planted these trees? People found this plantation one of Louisiana's beautiful places to take pictures.

Baton Rouge

The city is full of so many historical buildings and museums. Though it is the state's true gem, it is, unfortunately, also an underrated city. It is located on the banks of Mississippi, and you should not miss this worth-visiting place.

It has one of the greatest restaurants, museums, and historical buildings. The LSU Rural Life Museum and Old State Capitol Museum are the most popular museums.

Avery Island

It is another touristy spot you will find in Louisiana. The place is famous for its sprawling grounds, and you can also visit the Tabasco Hot Sauce Factor. Also, don't forget to visit the electric gift shop there.

Along with this factor is a botanic garden; you can explore these gardens via car or foot. While exploring the gardens, you can visit the bird sanctuary, ancient Buddha statue, and a Chinese garden there.

New Orleans' French Quarter

It is a beautiful place with incredibly beautiful old buildings. Many of the buildings present there are more than 300 years old. Most buildings have balconies (made from wrought iron) extending over the walkways.

Bourbon Street is the most popular place there, and tourist keeps visiting this spot throughout the year. If you want to visit a less crowded place, you must visit North Rampart Street, which has various historical buildings.

Also, on that street, you will find many restaurants where to can sit and enjoy your food. While Decatur Street is the best place to hang out, and Royal Street is famous for its antique shops.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

The park is located outside New Orleans. It is an ideal place to explore the wildlife and is well known for its hiking trails. Whether spring, winter, or fall, this park is ideal for observing the local wildlife. Gators, spiders, or nutria bigger than your hand can be seen there.

When exploring the park, stick to the walkways, especially during warm weather, if you don't want to encounter spiders. Undoubtedly, this small place will help you a lot in learning about the ecosystem of Louisiana.

Melrose Plantation

You may also know it as Yucca Plantation. It is one of the unique and biggest plantations in the region. Here, you will find eight structures, and the plantation also features the African American Heritage Trail.

Louis Metoyer was the one who established this plantation. The man was enslaved first but finally was set free. Metoyer wanted to make a unique African structure that everyone finds worth visiting.


Louisiana is where time slows down, and life seems more beautiful. If you plan your vacations, don't forget to add this state to your list to enjoy some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights there.

Well, the state is full of mesmerizing beauty. Still, New Orleans, Lafayette, Louisiana Wetlands, Oak Alley Plantation, Avery Island, Baton Rouge, New Orleans' French Quarter, Melrose Plantation, and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve are the best places to visit in Louisiana in 2023.