Which Are The Best Places To Stay On The Oregon Coast In 2023
Sep 10, 2023 By Sean William

Is a vacation to Oregon on the agenda for spring break? How on earth do you choose one of the many fascinating destinations? Here are the best places to stay on the Oregon Coast, from waterfall treks to desert hot springs.

When you are on the Oregon Coast on your vacation, there are so many places famous for their stunning scenery, rich history, and natural wonders that you should not miss at any cost. So, if you are ready to explore this incredible land, explore the wildlife, and experience adventurous visits, get into this article.

Here, we will tell you about the most beautiful and iconic places on the Oregon coast that you would love to visit regularly. So, are you ready to discover about those amazing locations? If yes, what are you waiting for? Delve into the article and find out everything about travel destinations!

Must-See Cities Along the Oregon Coast:

Below are the best places to visit on the Oregon Coast during this trip:

Lincoln City:

Located on the Central Coast, Lincoln City is where you'll find Nelscott Reef, hailed as one of the top surfing spots in the Pacific. In Oregon, huge wave surfing is only possible at this reef. Because of these two factors, it has become well-known as the best place to visit the Oregon Coast. Each year since 2005, surfers have gathered in Lincoln City for the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic.

Devil's Lake State Recreation Area offers a taste of inland trekking for those coming from the coast. North Lincoln County Historical Museum also features an extensive assortment of Japanese glass fishing floats. Lincoln City, accessible via Route 101, is home to various budget and mid-range hotels, most located directly on the Seaside.


Seaside, California, sometimes known as "Seaside House," was established in the 1870s. It quickly became a Unique place to stay on the Oregon Coast for its excellent surfing and Pacific razor clamming. It developed from there, and its history is now on display, with a 1920s-era promenade along the Pacific coast that is ideal for strolls after sunset.

The Seaside Museum & Historical Society is a great place to delve more into the history of Seaside. The Seaside Aquarium features a sealed display and touch tanks, making it an ideal destination for families with young children. Seaside, in the Oregon coast's northern section, has various lodging options, from simple motels off Highway 101 to luxurious resorts and inns with clean, comfortable rooms.

Cannon Beach:

If you're looking for a place to get away from it all and unwind on the sands, go on hikes, and visit state parks, go no farther than Canon Beach!

Canon Beach is only a two-hour trip from downtown Portland, and most activities occur on the beach. Some of my favorite places are state parks like Ecola and Tolovana Beach. Chapman Point and Humbug Point are only two of several locations offering stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean.

There's no way to dispute it after getting a sneak peek at the breathtaking landscapes that await you. Cannon Beach, Oregon, is a great destination; there's enough to do there.


Newport, home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and a few other great things is undoubtedly the best-suited tiny town to stay in along the Oregon Coast with kids.

Nye Beach, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, and Lost Creek State Park are just a few recreational destinations accessible from Newport, which is located on Oregon's Central Coast.

In addition, Newport has a diverse selection of hotels, from five-star resorts to budget motels. Several hip eateries in the area serve wonderful cuisine. When planning a family vacation, I know how vital variety is. Newport won't disappoint in that regard.

Newport is one of our favorite spots to visit and stay along the Oregon coast since there is always something to do.

Columbia River Gorge:

Oregonians on spring break should head to the Columbia River Gorge because Cheap place to stay on the Oregon Coast. That is the place to be if you value solitude, natural beauty, and unusual hiking routes.

Portland, Oregon, is within a half-hour to an hour drive of the Columbia River Gorge. If you don't have much time over spring break, this also makes visiting as a day trip from Portland possible.

The Society Hotel is a fantastic option for overnight stays for those who are seeking a sense of adventure. Their offices are conveniently close to the Columbia River Gorge; one is in Portland, while the other is in Bingen.

Traveling the Columbia River Gorge by automobile is ideal for spontaneous travelers who value independence and freedom. The Corge is home to some of Oregon's most beautiful waterfalls, including Latourell Falls.


The United States' oldest settlement is in Astoria, west of the Rocky Mountains. The city was named after John Jacob Astor, the owner of the American Fur Company, and was established in 1811 by the pioneers who established Fort Astoria there.

That makes Astoria a historical treasure trove, with landmarks like the Astoria Column (1926), the stunning Captain George Flavel House (1855), and the vibrant Peter L. Cherry House. Astoria is home to various hotels, some of which are more expensive due to their historic significance.

The spectacular Astoria-Meagler Bridge, slightly over four miles long, connects Oregon and Washington near the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.

Gleneden Beach:

A little region just to the north of Lincoln City, Gleneden Beach is home to some of the most breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Because it offers some of the most breathtaking views, the Gleneden Beach State Recreation Site must be at the top of your to-do list regardless of whether you decide to stay in this location or one of the other nearby sites.


On the Oregon Coast, there is no shortage of Beautiful places to stay in Oregon, but the following are some of our top picks. Even if you don't get to stay at any of them, you should try to visit each one at least once during your lifetime.