Guatemala Getaway: Your Travel Guide to this Central American Jewel
Sep 11, 2023 By Sean William

Welcome to Guatemala, a nation rich in history and culture. This charming village in Central America offers many activities so that everyone may enjoy them. Guatemala offers Mayan ruins, bustling marketplaces, breathtaking volcanic vistas, and attractive colonial towns. Visit Tikal and El Mirador to learn about the country's rich history and be awed by ancient ruins.

Chichi and Antigua's marketplaces are ideal for learning about local culture by gazing at brilliantly colored merchandise and traditional textiles. Guatemala offers many varied habitats so that nature lovers may hike, bird watch, and perform other outdoor activities. The country has lush rainforests, quiet lakes, and majestic mountains. The Guatemalan people were friendly and giving, and the cuisine was warm, welcoming, and wonderful. Prepare for a life-changing vacation to Guatemala to see its fascinating history and magnificent beauty. Pack and prepare to depart.

Things to See and Do in Guatemala

Head to Antigua:

The old city of Antigua is in a green valley in the middle of three mountains. This area is full of ruins, homes, gravel streets, and the remains of a church that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years. There is a busy market where you can buy traditional Guatemalan goods and beautiful handmade items like blankets and fabric. The easy and safe La Soledad Route and the complex and dangerous Alotenango Route end up in the same place, as their names suggest. On the other side of the river, you can see Fuego, one of the dangerous but famous Acatenango volcanoes, sending lava, fire, and rocks into the air.

Visit Lake Atitlán:

This magnificent pond was formerly part of a massive volcanic crater. This lake has Central America's most transparent water at 1,500 feet above sea level. Visiting the sunset is one of Guatemala's top things to do. North of the lake lies Panajachel, a popular tourist destination. Its proximity to the lake and adjacent mountains like Oliman and San Pedro makes day visits easier. The town features breathtaking mountain vistas and a pleasant lakeside setting with numerous restaurants and recreational spots. Boat cruises may be arranged upon request.

Visit Semuc Champey:

You can visit this natural beauty at Coban, outside Lanquin. Limestone rocks 300 meters (984 ft) above the Cahaba River make ponds seem like lakes. Ride inner tubes down the Cahaba River, see the Kamba caverns at night, and rest beneath the bridge's emerald pools. Remember that you need a guide to dive alone. Take public transportation, a private bus, or a day excursion. It would be best to arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds—travel between December and April, when the dry season is complete, to avoid rain and floods. Day visits cost 250–300 GTC, depending on location.

Explore Tikal National Park:

Tikal, Guatemala, has some of the outstanding Mayan sites north of Guatemala. The park covers 600 square meters (6,500 square feet). There are hundreds of-year-old Mayan ruins surrounded by greenery. Puma, toucan, monkey, snake, and various bird species are prominent local creatures and flora. Get to the park early and stay late to avoid crowds. This is because the park will empty after afternoon tours. If you want to visit the park in the morning, stay overnight. Sunrise and sunset guided walks cost extra. Daytime, nighttime, early morning, and late evening costs vary. Day hikers must pay 150 GTQ to enter the park before sundown. Tikal is accessible by automobile from Flores or Belize.

Guatemala Travel Costs:


The least expensive choice is a bed in a shared room, which costs 60 GTQ per night. A night in a single room at a hotel usually costs between GTC 140 and GTC 300. This is the standard cost. In addition to the free Wi-Fi that most hostels offer, some also give guests a complimentary breakfast every morning they stay there. You should find out if the hostel has a kitchen and whether you plan to cook your food. For as little as 235 to 250 Guatemalan Quetzales, the country's currency, you can get a room with a double or double bed and other comforts. Most people can afford to stay one night at a hotel with a complimentary breakfast and a low fee (about 500 GTQ).

Airbnb hosts are everywhere nationwide, charging 200 GTQ each night for a private room. Fully furnished homes and flats cost 300 GTQ per night and average 800 GTQ. Planning and booking a trip is the most excellent method to save money. Vacationers shouldn't camp since they don't carry tents. Camping is allowed in El Paredon and Tikal parks. Each night of sleep costs 50 GTQ.


When the Spanish arrived in Guatemala in 1524, their cuisine had a tremendous impact on the local people's diet. Guatemalan gastronomy has been influenced by Maya cuisine. Maize, spicy peppers, bananas, and beans are traditional cuisine. Tamales, fish soup, and chicken or beef stews are inexpensive and straightforward. Therefore, many enjoy them. Fries, tapado (seafood soup with green potatoes and coconut milk), and gallo en perro (hot stew) are also famous.

Many local restaurants offer lunch offers since they know how important it is. Open-heated soup and meat make up most of these meals. Bus stations sometimes offer pre-made plates of food for 25–30 GTQ. These platters usually feature chicken, meat, rice, and bread. Street vendors sell tacos, hot dogs, and other items for under 15 GTQ. Lunch at McDonald's costs 45 GPQ for a combination. Plan to spend less than 100 GTQ for lunch at a Western restaurant providing fries, burgers, and pizza. Set aside 200 GTQ weekly to buy vegetables, cereals, animals, and seasonal fruit.


Tourists love Guatemala because it has unique activities and events. Guatemala's indigenous cultures and Mayan monuments are only two of its numerous attractions. This nation features majestic mountains, lush forests, and pristine lakes. Guatemala is a terrific vacation spot for history buffs, adventure seekers, and culture seekers.

It's crucial to obey Guatemalan customs and safety requirements while visiting. A vacation to Belize with the appropriate mindset and preparation might be unforgettable. After your vacation, you'll remember amazing memories and desire to return to this beautiful nation.