Best Places to Visit in Missouri: Top 10 Tourist Attractions
Sep 10, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

With its spectacular sights, Missouri has become a fascinating place for tourists around the globe. Here, you can find everything from incredible wilderness to waterways. And, if you become tired of its lively cities, visit its quiet and peaceful towns. With so many spots to explore in this land of wonders, choosing the best places to visit In Missouri becomes daunting.

In Missouri, St. Louis, Branson, Kansas City, Meramec State Park, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Hannibal, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Springfield, Gateway Arch, and Jefferson City are incredible.

Whether you are a fan of natural beauty, adventurous activities, or ancient cities with historical buildings, remember that Missouri has much to offer, and this paradise is a must-visit. Before you pack your bag, note the unique places to visit in Missouri during your trip!

Best Places to Visit in Missouri: An Overview

Missouri has gained immense popularity for its caves, lakes, Ozark Mountains, and Mississippi Rivers. The place has everything you can dream of visiting and exploring, from metropolitan centers to charming towns.

So, whether you are on your one-day trip or weekend gateway, you will enjoy the incredible beaches, resorts, parks, and many other fun places!

If you are new to Missouri and do not know which areas are there to explore, we have enlisted hidden places of Missouri below:

St. Louis

It is one of the lovely places to visit in Missouri. It is located on the bank of the Mississippi River. It was also nicknamed as "Gateway to the West". Undoubtedly, it the pretty to explore and is full of green spaces.

There, you can find very different neighborhoods and districts. The Downtown has many corporate headquarters, hotels, and more to visit. Also, the museums, culinary, music scenes, and nightlife of St. Louis make this city worth visiting.


It is a small town you can find in the Ozark Mountain. It is immensely popular among visitors for its incredible entertainment efforts. This place is a must-visit at least once for the music lover.

A long time ago, these people used to host a specific type of music in the theater, but now they entertain you with any type you want. Silver Dollar City, created in 1880, is one of the major tourist attractions of this place.

Kansas City

It is one of the largest cities in Missouri. We suggest you start your day at Mildred's, where you will meet a family that runs a breakfast café. You can get delicious food and coffee there. You must try their standard breakfast sandwich, packed with bacon, fluffy egg, and Swiss cheese and topped with mayonnaise. Besides that, the city is well-known for Jazz, as this music genre has gained immense popularity in the bars of Kansas.

Meramec State Park

The park is full of many forests, caves, and majestic bluffs, making it worth visiting in Missouri. The park is not far from St. Louis, located at the bank of Meramec River. It has a very lovely landscape. The place is an excellent option for many fun activities, including fishing, hiking, and boating. Besides that, many people prefer camping and staying at night in the park, which is not bad!

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

It was constructed in 1964 to save the river system. The place includes forests, meadows, springs, cliffs, and caves. Hundreds of tourists visit this place because of its outstanding natural beauty and wondrous wilderness.

Besides, people enjoy many outdoor activities, such as hiking and horse riding. The streams and scenic rivers are enough to make you feel fresh and an ideal place for fishing. At Van Buren, you will find this park's headquarters and a museum.


The city is located on the Mississippi River and is about 100 miles away from St. Louis. It is the child home of a popular author "Samuel Langhorne Clemens." Here, you can do countless number activities.

Besides that, the museums are major tourist attractions of this place. Your kids would love to visit the Cameron Cave and Mark Twain Cave during the summer days. Also, enjoying the most beautiful view from the lighthouse there will be great fun. You can also take the boat tour if you want to get the real feel of this city.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

It is one of the top places you visit in Missouri. The place is about 5 miles away from the Camdenton. It was recreated into a 3.700-acre public park. It is a home for the stone castle, which sits on the top.

In addition to that, the park has many other geographical features, making this park breathtakingly beautiful. A natural (60 feet long) bridge is 70 feet wide and 100 feet high.

Gateway Arch

The Arc is one of the most beautiful places in Missouri, not to be wrong. It is located in the heart of St. Louis, and its curve peaks 600 feet above the skyline. Therefore, you can see this iconic arch hundreds of miles away. Why not take a ride and look over the scenery below, comprising parks, lakes, buildings, and bridges?

Jefferson City

The city is the capital of Missouri State and is stretched along the Missouri River. The city owns many historical buildings, governors' mansions, and Supreme Court buildings. Also, the city garden with beautiful walkways, pools, and flowers is worth visiting.


It is situated in the southwest of Missouri and is famous for being the birthplace of Route 66. It is the third largest city in Missouri and has many tourist attractions, including themed diners, motels, and historic roads. Besides that, the city also has many educational tourist attractions.


Missouri, which you might also know as the Mother of the West or the Cave State, is a vacation destination for thousands of travelers worldwide. The land has been blessed with natural beauty and many other worth-visiting places.

But St. Louis, Branson, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Meramec State Park, Kansas City, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Hannibal, Gateway Arch, Springfield, and Jefferson City are Missouri's best places to visit.